Welsh Junior SCRABBLE®

Gall plant fwynhau chwarae’r gêm yn Gymraeg. Ar y bwrdd dwyochrog mae dwy gêm wahanol; gall y plant lleiaf ddechrau gyda’r gêm ‘Geiriau a Lluniau’, ac yna symud ymlaen i’r gêm ‘Lliwiau a Rhifo’ pan fyddan nhw’n barod.

Welsh Junior SCRABBLE® Welsh-language edition introduces children to the fun of playing with words – in Welsh!

The double sided board offers two different games, so that younger children can start with the ‘Words and Pictures’ game, and then move on to the more advanced ‘Colours and Counting’ game when they are ready.


84 plastic letter tiles

20 counters

Tile bag



2 – 4, aged 5 to 10


Also available in Irish

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