The world’s favourite word game just got bigger and more challenging.  With double the number of tiles, quadruple scoring spaces and a giant-sized board you’ll increase your scores and increase the fun!

The game comes with 200 moulded letter tiles in a unique distribution specially calculated for SUPER SCRABBLE.  Now you can play words like DAZZLE, FLUFFIER and KAYAK without a blank in sight!

With new Quadruple Letter Score and Quadruple Word Score spaces, more than double the number of premium spaces and almost twice as many spaces overall, your scores will be higher than ever before!

The rules are exactly the same as those in regular SCRABBLE® – so you already know how to play!


200 moulded letter tiles

Playing board

4 moulded racks

Cotton bag

Rules leaflet


2 to 4, aged 10+
*playable with 6 players with additional racks (sold separately)

Super Scrabble™ Word Lists

View or download our lists of words that can be played exclusively with Super Scrabble™, due to the additional letters and spaces:

A-Z Word List

By Consonant Word List


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