About Us

Bucher and Harrison Ltd was set up in 2002 by Mike Bucher and Jim Harrison to design, develop and license board games internationally, and to provide consultancy services to clients in the board game industry.

Under our own brand, Tinderbox Games, we manufacture and distribute a range of speciality Scrabble® games, puzzles and accessories in the UK and Europe.

Bucher and Harrison have also been instrumental in the design, development and worldwide licensing of games including Atmosfear, Tile Lock Scrabble, Sudoku, Jungle Runners and many more.

Mike Bucher has spent over 40 years in the toy business in North America, Europe and the UK, including senior positions with companies including General Mills, Parker Brothers, Lone Star, Spear’s Games, Habourdin, Mattel and Ideal Loisirs.

Jim Harrison has spent 30 years working on board games with Spear’s, Mattel and Bucher and Harrison, and regrets hardly any of it.

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